b. 1986, HK.

Khushbu Kapadia


Userflows and User Journey Maps
Information Architecture
Wireframing & Prototyping
Visual Design
Research & Testing

Tools and Softwares:

Invision Studio App
Adobe CC
Basics of HTML & CSS


+91 776 892 2211


Hi! I’m Khushbu Kapadia, a Pune based User Experience Designer.
Nice to meet you :)

I am a thinker, a visualiser and an explorer. I design websites, apps and digital platforms.

Applying logic in creative scenarios, as a UX/UI Designer, I am committed to creating design solutions that are engaging, beautiful and user-focused. I strive to approach challenges in a holistic fashion, considering both the visuals and the thought and research behind it. I truly believe that an amazing user experience can't do without full consideration of all aspects of the design process with an intent of smart work.

As an individual, through a balance of the inquisitive and the emotional sides of my personality, I perceive the world around me with a distinct sensitivity. This, along with a longing to connect with people, their journeys, their stories, their ways of expressions and their presence is what brings me to the world of user-centric design, because there's more to learn from the people you may encounter.