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IISER Pune Brand Development



A real-time project aimed at redefining the brand strategy through visual language and brand development exercises.

IISER Pune offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Climate Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics.


Objective:  Brand awareness and outreach for better visibility 
Role:  Branding, graphic design, editorial design, content strategy, copywriting 
Tools: Adobe CC Suite, Information mapping system ( Post-its, Pen & Paper)

In just over a decade, IISER Pune has emerged as a prominent academic organisation, bringing together researchers who impart high quality science education. From particle physics to origins of life, new materials for energy solutions to current issues in number theory, algebra and more, researchers at the institute investigate a wide spectrum of topics in the basic sciences as well as in applied areas of research.  

A research university or institute is known by the quality of its faculty and of its students. We are fortunate that we get to select from amongst the best applicants in the country in both categories.
— Jayant Udgaonkar • Director, IISER Pune

Fostering a culture of excellence and expanding the frontiers of knowledge, IISER Pune is at the forefront of training the next generation of scientists and informed citizens.

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