Saundarya Community App by Forest Essentials


The Soundarya Club Community App

A self-initiated project to develop a social app for loyal customers of Forest Essentials

Not sure of the products that are best suited for a holistic beauty regime? Share observations of your mind-body patterns and get a curated approach to daily skin, hair and self-care routines from Forest Essentials experts.


Objective:  Address issue of selecting the most appropriate product for a good skin care regime 
Deliverable: High fidelity prototype of a mobile app indicating the on-boarding experience
Timeline: 1 weeks
Role:  Product strategy, user research, product design, branding, copywriting 
Tools: Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision App, Principle App, Information mapping system ( Post-its, Pen & Paper)
This is a conceptual project, created at Bitmaker Labs Inc, as a coursework under the UX and Product Design full-time Immersive Program. Text, illustrations, and all other materials are used to outline the concept.

Back Story — Why this project?

Forest Essentials is a skin care brand, conceived on the foundations of Ayurveda- a system of medicine with its roots in the Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda is a personalised approach to health, and knowing your mind-body type allows you to make optimal choices about diet, exercise, supplements, and all other aspects of your lifestyle..

What are the problem areas?

Forest Essentials, as a premium brand, has reached a stagnancy with respect to reaching to new clientele as well as offering new products that customers feel confident to use.

  • Customers refrain from trying new products since the descriptions are not personalised to the users skin-type.

  • Customers find it difficult to know if the product will be as effective when used over a period of time.

  • Customers are also unaware of benefits of a holistic approach to self-care- including mind-care, appropriate product use, and season and body specific diet.


Why an app?

An app would help users access information on the go, since users often resort to self-care routines by reading up blogs/articles or by consulting the experts. Brainstorming through the problems that the app could address, the first round of interviews clearly indicated that the app needs to:

• Guide loyal customers of the brand, select Forest Essentials self-care products and rituals that suit their mind-body type.

• Have trustworthy resources to guide users to select the products

• Should allow users to troubleshoot concerns


A community social media platform specifically for the Forest Essentials loyal customers. These are the users who repeatedly buy same/similar products off the Forest Essentials retail as well as online platforms. The users are genuinely interested in adopting holistic self-care in their routine. The Saundarya Club Community App by Forest Essentials intends to help users receive demonstrations, consultations and suggestions for informed product selection, self-care and overall healthy living.


The Soundarya Club Community App is a combination of communication and recommendation platform, with it’s algorithms based on fundamentals of Ayurveda


What makes Forest Essentials products reliable?

  • Brand value has been strongly established through the years

  • Product information is readily available on the packagings as well as the website

  • Products are marketed in a way that indicate the source of ingredients, i.e their social media channels

What would users like to do when using a product app?

  • Shop for Self-care products

  • Learn of the new products available

  • Validate their choice of products

  • Troubleshoot concerns, if any.

What would helps users establish trust in the features of the app?

  • Direct correlation to the brand, visually

  • Communication with experts to help them in decision making

  • A sense of community since women feel sharing their concerns eases our their anxieties and doubts.

Low-Fi Wireframe Sketches

Concept validation with low-fi wireframes


Charting the User Journey while on-boarding the app

Desktop HD.jpg

Medium Fidelity Mockups

Sign Up Wireframes.jpg
Artboard 1FE_Wireframes.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 2FE_Wireframes.jpg
Artboard 1 copyFE_Wireframes.jpg

Refine Medium Fidelity Wireframes

Product Features Wireframes.jpg

User Testing Insights

“On-boarding is lengthy, but since I am aware of the ways of Ayurveda, the depth of questions help me establish trust in the app”

“On-boarding is lengthy but the fact that I can return to complete the profile anytime makes it less frustrating.”
“The progress bar is a good visual cue to understand the on-boarding length, can there be better visual hierarchy to make the questions appear less overwhelming?”

UI and Content Revision

Defining the UI based on the brand language as well as taking into account principles of visual hierarchy.

Forest Essentials_Case study.jpg